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Frequently Asked Questions

All our vehicels have green card insurance and can travell undisturbedly in all foreign countries. Vignette are not included in the price.

Prolongation of the rental by telephone is possible but under the condition that this is done at least 3 hours before the rental expires.

The vehicle status is checking together with the representative of our company to make the log of the handover of the vehicle. (Check list)

The ability to drive a vehicle by a person other than the one stated in the contract is only possible if the person whom sign the contract is in the vehicle, for the additional person who can drive the vehicle, it is necessary to specify in the contract and enclose the necessary documentation (driver’s license).

In case of any problems please call our contact number 066 / 583-000 where you will receive all the necessary help and information.

The leaseholder is obliged to return the washed car,  in the same condition as he found it.

Long-term car rental is a rental for at least three months where the price is agreed on a monthly basis and the terms of use are the same as for short-term rental of vehicles.

The main advantage is that the leaseholder does not have to bring any financial documentation for  borrowing the vehicle, the possibility of replacing the vehicle for the other vehicle model during the lease it’s possible with certain changes to the contract, the benefits of basic and casco insurance, regular services, tire replacement (seasonal), assistance 24/7.

For long-term renting cars, it is necessary to deposit the deposit and the amount for one month of renting.

The possibility of replacing a vehicle over long-term lease is possible with some changes to the original contract between EuroExpress Cars and the leaseholder.

Physical persons may rent the vehicle for a long period of time with respect to the conditions of use.

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