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Vehicle Add-ons


Navigation System

  • A simple, touch-based interface with a 4.3 "color diagonal
  • Assistance in selecting the lane and displaying the exit from the highway, are complemented with light colored arowss and detailed review to select the appropriate traffic lane for the upcoming turn or exit.
  • Warning on speed control cameras on your route
  • Multilingual voice guidance
  • "Where am I?" The function connects the exact position and the nearest emergency service
  • Displays driving speed and speed limit on most major roads
  • A travel computer that records the traveled path, maximum speed, total time, etc.
  • MicroSD ™ card slot for map upgrade and additional cartographic capability
  • The windscreen navigation tray included, it is simply seted and removed
child seat
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This car seat is intended for children aged 9 months to 4 years or for children weighing up to 18 kg. The car seat is certified and meets all road safety safety standards. The safety tie system has enhanced lateral protection and can be easily adjusted to the size and wishes of the child.

Main features of the product:

  • Weight: 0-18 kg
  • Age: 9-36 months
  • Installation by car belt
  • Adjustable in several positions
  • Side protection system
  • Enhanced head protection
  • Padded belts
  • Wide solid base

Seat intended for children aged 4 to 12 years. Used as an extra seat for older children to provide high quality seat belt functionality. Boosters seats have certificates and meet safety standard. It binds to the belt of the car.

Main features of the product:

  • Weight: 15-36 kg
  • Age: 4-12 years
  • Comfortable seat without backrest
  • Armrest
  • Binds to the belt of the car


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